Meet the Staff at Quarry Springs

Meet the Staff at Quarry Springs

Quarry Springs is quickly becoming an incredibly sought after place to live, and there are many reasons why.  It was exquisitely designed to be both beautiful and inviting.  The location is amazing, just a short drive to many top-notch dining and entertainment destinations.  But what I found out is, the heart and soul of the community comes from one place…the staff.

I was able to interview two of their integral staff members, and what I discovered was they take an unbelievable amount of pride in their jobs, they all work together as one cohesive team, and the team goal is always the same…do whatever, whenever, to make living at Quarry Springs the  absolute best experience it can possibly be.

Marissa Koger & Kevin Robbins

First I spoke with Marissa Koger, she started as a Building Attendant, and is now the Resident Services Manager.  Right off the bat she told me they have what they call, “The Quarry Springs Way.”  When I asked her what it was she very quickly replied, “The Quarry Springs Way is our commitment to exceeding your expectations and providing you with a resort experience every day.  We are striving to set a new standard in luxury, resort-style living in Bethesda, Maryland.”  This is the motto and attitude that the entire staff aspires to every single day.

She said, while it’s a visually beautiful place to live, it’s more about the experience.  She followed that up by telling me that when a resident pulls up to the gate, they are greeted with a smile, offered a drink, and asked if they might need assistance with anything.  If a resident is returning from a long trip, they might have their dry cleaning waiting for them at their front door.  Marissa was very passionate in conveying that she and the rest of the staff want each resident to feel welcome, have all their needs and wants met, even things they may not know they want, the staff tries to be one step ahead.

Another aspect of her job is to plan events for the residents.  To her, it’s all about the little details that make it special.  For example, she told me her goal is to make all the the residents feel welcome at any given event.  And due to the pet-friendly nature of Quarry Springs, that includes the dogs that will be attending.  She’s planning on having “doggy bags” at the next event for each of the 4-legged residents filled with treats and toys.  The thing I loved most that she said was, when planning these events she tries to find “little sparkles and sprinkle them everywhere.”  It certainly made me want to attend any event she was planning.

We wrapped up by Marissa talking about how each staff member is an individual playing on the same team.  They grill each other, help each other, share information, all with the same goal in mind…make the residents happy.

Next I interviewed Kevin Robbins.  He’s the concierge manager and oversees the gatehouse, building attendants, and valet.  The first thing he talked about was always trying to be pro-active and thinking of ways to improve services.  Like if a resident pulls up to the gate, asking them if they’d like a building attendant to help them with their groceries.  Or if someone had surgery, offer to valet their car.  He wants to make sure the staff makes things as easy as possible for all residents.

When I asked him what he thought it was that sets Quarry Springs apart from other places to live, he said it was the staff’s dedication, the fact that they all feel like equals working cohesively to get the job done even better than they did the day before.  Similar to what Marissa said, he told me it doesn’t matter where the idea comes from, they’re all on the same team.

After speaking with Marissa and Kevin, it’s very clear how dedicated and passionate they are about their work, and the same goes for the entire staff.  They will go above and beyond for all the residents and are constantly thinking of ways to be even better.  So if you’re considering Quarry Springs as a place to call home, be ready, you will be treated like royalty.